A One-Day Trip to the Oregon Pacific Coast
By David Meyeres

Highway 101, or the Pacific Pacific Scenic Byway, 363 miles or 584 kilometers long, stretches along the Pacific Ocean from the borders of the state of Washington to the border of California.

Exploring 2 Botanical Gardens Located in the United States
By Anna Summers

In almost every state in the United States of America, you can find a Botanical Garden to visit. These gardens are full of a vast variety of plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs. Many are beautifully ornamented acres of land to stimulate every sense.

6 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World to Explore
By Harshita Sikarwar

Whether you are visiting the Hawaiian Islands or the Caribbean, the beach is always the perfect spot to enjoy a break from the chaos of city life. Let's find out the most amazing beaches in the world that you cannot afford to miss if you are a genuine beach lover.

25 Africa Safari Myths and Misconceptions
By Peter K. Philip

Kenya Safaris: a guide to Kenya safari holidays — from custom-made tours, private safaris and shared group safaris, from walking trips, bush safaris ending with a sun tan at the beautiful Kenyan beaches...

8 Best Trekking Routes in Nepal
By Sanjib

Nepal, the land of mountains, fast-flowing rivers, high hills, lakes, and different ethnic groups, is a perfect destination for trekking, mountaineering, and tours. No doubt, Nepal offers some of the world's most stunning treks.

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8 Best Cities to Party Across the World
By Jennifer Siggers

Whether it's a random Tuesday evening, New Year's Eve, a friend's birthday or stag/hen night, some destinations are better than others. We're talking about those places that don't just serve good beer but are an adventure by themselves. If you're looking to know which places these are, you have come to the right page.

10 Best Adventure Destinations in India
By Deependra Dobriyal

There is no better emerging country than India if you want to try out new adventures. From paragliding to scuba diving, India covers every adventure sport that is fun to try.

A Food Trip through Dubai
By Ramesh Kumar Sr

Believe it or not, Dubai has everything bigger, better, dazzling, and outrageous. From classic bites like Moutabal and Tabbouleh to the unique camel burger, you can relish your taste buds with a wide variety of diverse foods.

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