Varieties of Dubai Desert Safaris
By Rabah Kareef Assaf

Dubai, the land of illusions and aspirations, has evolved into a lovely paradise and the safest tourist destination in the world for all ambitious travelers. Golden sand dunes, clean and white, as well as broken shell and coral, make up the scene.

The thrill-seekers who like a strong dosage of adventure as well as other enthralling experiences to add to their travel journals go to this realm of imagination for a desert safari.

Because there are so many different desert adventure experiences available with desert safari Dubai, it might be tough for visitors to choose their favorite. As the adventure begins from the pick-up location with the most often utilized 4 wheelers SUV or Land Cruiser, etc., be ready to experience the heart-pounding dune bashing.

Let's have a look at each of the numerous varieties of Dubai Desert Safaris below.

Desert Safari in the Morning

This is the perfect desert safari for you whether you're short on time or just want to see the inspirational desert flora and creatures. Not to mention the other adventure activities that this desert safari offers, such as dune bashing, camel rides, sandboarding, quad riding, and so on.

Safari on the Desert at Sunrise

Witness the desert's magnificence and splendor as it comes to life! This Dubai desert safari begins before dawn, giving you a front-row seat to the sun gently lighting up the sand dunes. Apart from that, it includes everything you'd expect from a typical morning Dubai desert safari.

Ride on a Hot Air Balloon

This is not a common feature of Dubai desert excursions. In truth, this is a premium experience intended for individuals who seek to enjoy the natural majesty of Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve's superbly maintained zone (DDCR). Needless to say, this allows you to fully appreciate the immensity and captivating beauty of the desert terrain and its native species.

So, if you want to lazily float in the air and melt into the magnificence and calm of the surroundings, join up for this desert trip. It also includes a traditional breakfast, as well as a flying certificate and pictures during the trip.

Safari on the Red Dune

A trek to the mystical crimson dunes of Al Lahbab area is the pinnacle of Dubai desert safaris. You may be certain of a spectacular desert excursion enriched by intriguing pleasure and excitement whether you embark on a morning or nighttime desert safari.

Desert Safari in the Evening

This is great for anybody searching for an epic desert safari adventure in Dubai, starting in the late afternoon and lasting far into the evening. This package includes everything you'd get on a morning desert safari, with the added bonus of BBQ meals, cultural activities, and traditional entertainment including belly dancing, Tanura shows, and more.

Dinner in the Desert

The majority of visitors to Dubai bypass the desert safari in favor of an adventure vacation. But, in reality, this is suitable for people of all tastes and abilities. So, if you don't want to participate in any high-octane desert activities or experiences, choose the Dinner in Desert package. Yes, this Dubai desert safari is all about the greatest eating alternatives and wonderfully relaxing moments in the midst of the world's most beautiful desert dunes.

Desert Safari Overnight

This desert safari should be at the top of your Dubai bucket list, whether you're looking for a unique desert experience or a romantic getaway. It's the ideal combination of all desert safaris, since you'll get to engage in dune bashing and cultural activities, as well as dine and tent under the stars. Not only that, but you'll be able to see the first rays of the sun illuminate the desert, and you'll be able to end your safari with a delectable traditional breakfast.

First published on 8 Apr 2022. There are numerous possibilities to locate online if you're seeking for the best desert safari in Dubai ahead of time. A collection of Dubai desert safaris package offers are available all year round.


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