Trips to Add to Your 2022 Bucket List
By Blake McCoy

The pandemic dealt a big blow to travel bucket lists everywhere. With many COVID-19 travel restrictions being lifted, this could be the year to revisit those travel plans.

Here is a starting point for travel inspiration so you can begin booking travel accommodations.

Stroll Through Amsterdam

Home to romantic canals and distinctive architecture, Amsterdam is loaded with character and hospitable people. Do as the locals do and rent a bike to roll through the streets. This picturesque city gets a lot of attention for legalized marijuana and a red light district but offers much, much more. Whether exploring on the water, by bike, or on foot, Amsterdam has proven itself on more than one occasion to be a bucket-list-worthy destination and often serves as a gateway for American tourists to the rest of Europe.

Spot Wildlife at Serengeti National Park

For an immersive safari experience only found in Africa, Serengeti National Park is teeming with wildlife such as elephants, zebras, lions, and more. This national park is regarded as one of the best safari destinations in the world. The scenery and big game are some of the most awe-inspiring views humans will gaze upon in their lifetime. On my trip with family in 2007, we even took a hot air balloon ride at sunrise over the savannah. Absolutely breathtaking.

Eat Tapas Throughout Spain

Spain is a global tourism hotspot with unique cultural cities, stunning architecture, splendid flamenco dancers, and unmatchable food. It can be difficult to choose one city to visit, as Spain's culture is mixed well between the big-name cities and smaller countryside towns. Instead of visiting one spot, embark on a road trip throughout the country's various regions. Indulge in churros con chocolate for breakfast, pace yourself with tapas throughout the day and drink sangria late into the night after an afternoon siesta.

Sail Through Greece

Greece's tourism was among some of the hardest hit during the pandemic. With a hopeful future ahead, the country is now welcoming back tourists. To escape the touristy islands of Santorini and Mykonos, opt for a sailing trip with stops on some of the lesser-known but beautifully inhabited islands. With over 2,000 islands, Greece has a ton of options. Set sail on calm seas and soak up the sunshine by exploring empty beaches. With that said, if you're looking to party then go to Mykonos but prepare to pay. It's a global hotspot for the jet-set crowd and prices reflect it.

First published on 12 Apr 2022. Blake McCoy is a successful broadcast journalist with a special interest in travel. Traveling abroad has become a favorite pastime of his, where he is able to interact with different cultures.


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