Top 3 Locations to See in Sydney on Your Next Visit
By Harley Leon

Spending quality time out with our loved ones is great. Visit Sydney on your next holiday and discover the places of interest you shouldn't miss!

Taking out ourselves to explore the hidden and underappreciated beauty of a location can eventually help us to overcome our social anxiety and fear. So if you have plans for a holiday trip with your loved ones,Guest Posting great! This can certainly help you. In case you are confused about the destinations you can visit, this article will help you go through some of the best places to visit in Sydney, the breathtaking tourist destination in Australia.

Sydney Harbour

Being home to two of the iconic Sydney landmarks such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Sydney Harbour guarantees the quintessential Aussie vibes and Sydney chic. If you are looking for a way to make your sightseeing experience exquisite, I got you. Enjoy the best views of the eye-grabbing architectural marvels from a premium glass boat dinner cruise in Sydney. Even though they are visible from all around Sydney Harbour, it will certainly be grander if you are taking its prime views from a glass boat. With floor-to-ceiling glass panes and luxury modern interiors, a glass boat makes an ideal venue to witness the grandeur of these structures without obstruction. You will also be able to enjoy a freshly prepared signature dinner menu by onboard chefs and pair them up with the finest Aussie drinks and beverages that can be purchased from the fully licensed bar on board. Get aboard a 3-hr glass boat Sydney Harbour dinner cruise and enjoy a slick cruising, restaurant-quality dining, and uninterrupted views of the harbour attractions up close.

Sydney Tower Eye

Being one of the tallest structures in Sydney, the Sydney Tower is an interesting stop you shouldn't miss out on your travel itinerary. Located in the new Westfield shopping centre at the corner of Pitt Street and Market Street, the tower is pretty easy to commute to, especially if you can use public transport. The tower is 1,014 feet high and often recognised as the second tallest observation tower in the southern hemisphere. If you are afraid of heights, then this is for you! Yes, there would be no better chance to overcome your fear of heights. You can visit the Skywalk at the Sydney Tower Eye, where you can sign up for a casual stroll outside of the tower. It is an extremely high outdoor structure, so if you are confident enough to take a stroll, then you will be treated to a 360° bird's eye view of this gorgeous city. If it is too much for you, no pressure! You can head over to the observation decks to appreciate and admire the prime views of the city and its skyline without interruption. It is also known as AMP Tower, Westfield Centre Point Tower, and Sydney Sky Tower. To add to that, there are shopping centres, restaurants, a coffee lounge, and more at the base of the tower.

Taronga Zoo

Being Australia's largest zoo, Taronga Zoo spread over 69 acres of harbour land is one of the finest places to visit in Sydney. Getting to Taronga Zoo is incredibly easy, all you need to do is a short ferry ride from Circular Quay. It was opened in 1916 but a long list of additions to the zoo including a marine museum of fish tank, Tahr hummock, and tiger dens was added over time. Now the zoo is a habitat to exotic flora and fauna and you can snap up-close photos of some of the 4000+ Aussie wildlife covering 350+ species from the zoo. Apart from the opportunity to encounter and enjoy the sights of Aussie wildlife, you are also treated to the scintillating views of the famous Harbour Bridge, Opera House, and the City's Skyscrapers.

First published on 8 Apr 2022. Harley Leon is a travel blogger.


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