Top Destinations to Visit on Your Christmas Holidays
By Harley Leon

From Christmas party harbour cruises in Sydney to wreck diving in the waters of Malta, there are top, in-demand destinations around the world to spend your holiday in.

Celebrating a special day somewhere far away from home but with your friends and family can actually help you to enjoy both the time and the warmth of your togetherness. So if you have any plans to spend this upcoming Christmas holidays somewhere safe, calm, and peaceful, noted! Here goes the list of some pretty scenic places where you can spend your Christmas in pure joy and happiness.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a majestic city with both underrated and overlooked locations along with some hidden gems. You can definitely spend your day exploring and discovering the stories and facts about the locations you are in. I have something in hand if you are looking for one of the best corporate Christmas party venues around Sydney. Get on board a budget-friendly, family-friendly ultra-modern catamaran for your best ever party cruising experience. Catch sight of the Sydney Harbour attractions such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House from its three expansive outer decks and panoramic windows. Enjoy a multi-cuisine buffet menu and mix it up with soft drinks and beverages that can be purchased from the fully licensed bar on board. Hop aboard the sought-after catamaran Christmas party harbour cruises in Sydney and make your memories everlasting. Click some pics in the picture-perfect background and share it on social media.

Copán Ruinas, Honduras

Copán, the coffee capital city of Honduras is considered as the safest city to travel with your friends and family. Copán, highly recognised as the ruined ancient Maya city was added to the world heritage list in 1980. Honduras is the largest coffee producer in Central America. You can explore some local farms on your way and learn from the natives about the important crops and climate of Honduras. Try new flavours of chocolates and different tea brews while discovering the authentic beverages of Honduras. Celebrate the joy of the season in Copán with your family, friends, and colleagues. You will also get an amazing opportunity for horseback rides along the river bank, into the mountains and hidden indegenous village in the forest. You will be accompanied by a native guide who can tell the authentic taste and style of Honduras and about the real life of its people.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam known for its multi-cultural community and great cuisine. Hanoi can be addressed as a consuming city offering hundreds and thousands of things to do. You can definitely visit and explore the city with both fun and adventure without any second thought. Try not to miss the sight of Hanoi Opera House with intoxicating French colonial decadence. You can see either orchestra or opera performances at night. You can also spot some world-famous temples overlooking West Lake. You can go and visit without an entry fee and make use of the amazing photo opportunities it has to offer. There is also another temple where you can worship words and alphabets. Yes! It is not the irregular temple that you have visited till date. It is commonly called the Temple of Literature. It was the first Vietnam university constructed during 1070, home to many photographic pavilions, halls, and statues. You can explore the original Vietnamese self from this tour. Let the Christmas holiday help you to discover the original self and cuisine of Vietnam.

Malta, Europe

Malta between Sicily and the North African coast is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean. Malta can be identified as an incredible island nation influenced by many major civilizations and with a rich history. You can go for the famous wreck diving, exploration tour for the good-old neolithic history, and for a great sunset view. Malta won't disappoint you if you are planning to spend your vacation there.

First published on 7 Apr 2022. Harley Leon is a travel blogger.


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