Absolute Best Cities to Visit in the UK
By Mukti Panse

The United Kingdom comprises four constituent countries — England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. History stands to evidence of how the UK was formed, and how it became one of the most developed and historically charismatic countries in the world. There's so much on offer in the United Kingdom — amazingly diverse scenery for one, historical monuments, amazing architecture and galleries, and museums. When in the UK, don't miss visiting these amazing cities.

Here are the absolute best cities to visit in the UK:

1. Bath

This city harkens back to Romanic times. One of the UK's prettiest cities,Guest Posting Bath enjoys a vibrant culture. History freaks will greatly enjoy the Roman ruins of ancient viaducts, the canals and other Romanic leftovers. Just for interest — the RMS Titanic was built in Bath, once a very famous port city. People used to visit Bath regularly to dip in the warm waters. It's still a fabulous destination for seaside holidaymakers.

2. Cambridge

The city of Cambridge is rife with history. This city's medieval lanes, beautiful old churches and chapels, cloistered colleges, old-style pubs and narrow cobbled alleyways are the stuff dreams are made of. The recently introduced coffee pub culture takes it to another level. College students strut around in their modern outfits, but if you just close your eyes, you can see ancient students in their hooded robes, carrying books tied up with jute rope dangling down their backs.

3. Edinburgh

Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, is an exciting hub for lovers of history and architecture. Given that it's a cultural capital with fabulous festivals and gatherings throughout the year, you wouldn't think there could be more. There is — Edinburgh is turning into a foodie capital! Be sure to bend your spoon at the top restaurants in Edinburgh.

4. London

The capital city today might be a thriving metropolis of 32 boroughs, but what it is, is a historical gem. The city has witnessed thousands of years of history — bloody history too! Kings murdered or deposed, wars over the crown, royal imprisonments and frequent changes of flags — London is the very embodiment of this history. Don't miss exploring Westminster Abbey, the Windsor Palace, Big Ben and other historical landmarks. London's vibrancy will knock you over with a feather — just let it. This city alone is worth any effort you spend on your UK Visa. https://www.ukvisa.ae/

5. The Lake District

1,287 square kilometers of incredible countryside, full of lakes, is what you get at the Lake District. Lush green pasturelands interspersed with the incredibly still 12 crystal clear lakes — the largest in the UK, (Windermere and Ullswater are the largest) There are 3,218 kilometers of hiking trails as well, speckled with dense woods, valleys, beautiful meadows, springs and brooks. Just heaven. Try to climb up to the summit of the Scafell Pike, quite the highest mountain in England at 978 meters.

6. Canterbury

Historic Canterbury in Kent is a short train ride away from London. This is where the first conversions to Christianity took place, in AD 597, when St. Augustine began converting pagan Anglo Saxons. In that sense, Canterbury is sort of a pilgrimage for people from all over the country. Canterbury Cathedral is a top draw here, home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, an absolutely stunning cathedral.

7. Salisbury

Not far from bustling London is the quiet and beautiful Salisbury, home to one of the world's greatest attractions, the Stonehenge. This prehistoric collection of stones that stand around in a perfect circle with no help whatsoever, was built by the ancients. It's a mind-blowing monument, the significance of which is still being pondered. Salisbury is a city but more laid back, with amazing scenery, great pubs, rows of pretty cottages and close to Edinburgh and Glasgow.


There are many other simply mind-blowing cities in the UK. Prioritize the ones you want to explore based on your interests; if history is what quickens your blood, head to Canterbury, Edinburgh, London and other cities that are rich in history. If you're into natural surroundings then head to Salisbury and the Lake District. The UK is a pristine gem just waiting to be explored. Take your time, don't rush, and do total justice to every place you visit.

First published on ArticlesFactory.com 7 Apr 2022. Mukti Panse is a writer by passion and profession. She loves embarking on adventures and exploring the beautiful places on our planet. Her favorite holiday destination is London, and loves the hustle-and-bustle of this city..


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