Of Whales and Adventures: Thrilling Experiences You Shouldn't Miss in Perth
By Olivia Williams

Looking for a destination that will not only take your breath away but also help revive your zen? If you're in Western Australia, head over to Perth to have a fun and unforgettable vacation. Go whale watching in Perth or perhaps beach hopping? You can thank us later!

Perth is Australia's sunniest capital city where you can be outdoors, unapologetically doing your thing. Be it enjoying the beach lifestyle, getting on board a whale watching cruise in Perth or sampling world-class local wines, the city sure has myriad ways to make you fall in love with its nonchalant mores. If you're looking forward to having some fun over the weekend in Perth, here's a list of exciting activities you can indulge in to make unforgettable memories.

Whale Watching in Perth

Whale migration in the Pacific Ocean from mid-August to early December is a much-anticipated event for people living in the Land Down Under. Especially in Perth where these gentle giants are spotted in large pods. Venture on a whale watching experience in Perth to witness the majestic mammals fun and frolic in the waters. On board the cruise, you also have a wonderful opportunity to witness other native wildlife including dolphins, seals and migratory birds. There is a proficient line of cruise operators including Captain Cook Cruises in Perth, offering exciting whale watching adventure trips. Most of these cruises also have a professional whale naturalist on board who delivers an informative commentary on whale behaviour and different types of whales. Whale watching cruise in Perth is also a perfect way to go sightseeing as it takes you through the most picturesque routes towards the whale watching hotspots. Most of the cruises also offer a delicious, freshly prepared meal on board. Book your tickets on a whale watching cruise in Perth to treat yourself to an exhilarating experience.

Discovery Tours on Perth's Aboriginal History

Perth has a rich cultural history that is closely woven to the Aboriginals. You will find numerous walking tours and Aboroginal experiences in Perth that explore the essential lifestyle and practices of the Aboriginals. From paint-making using natural ochres, cultivation of edible plants during the six different seasons that they observe to handling hunting weapons and more, a cultural guide will impart unique insights about the Aboriginal lifestyle on your walking tour. Also visit the Swan Valley, the oldest wine region in Western Australia to experience the region's warm-climate wines and a further peek into Aboriginal culture.

Beach-hopping in Perth

Perth is home to some of the best beaches in Australia, where the turquoise blue waters meet the white sandy beaches. Go swimming or snorkeling at postcard-perfect beaches and reefs for a magical experience. Some of the famous beaches in Perth are Cottesloe Beach, Leighton Beach, Trigg Beach and North Beach. If you're a beach bae, Perth could be your Shangri-la!

Shopping Sprees at Perth's Urban Villages

When visiting a new place, it is almost inevitable that you could leave without doing a bit of shopping. Head over to Perth's urban villages to feel the true vibes of the city. Travel round to the neighbourhood of Leederville or Mount Lawley to explore a vibrant line of boutiques, al fresco cafes, chic restaurants, fun-filled pubs and more.

Perth is truly a fantastic tourist destination, a one-stop cultural potpourri and many more things. Pack your bags and go on a tour in Perth for a memorable holiday.

First published on ArticlesFactory.com 28 Oct 2020. Olivia Williams is a travel lover with a passion for cruises.


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