Places for Nature Lovers in India
By Vaishak

Nature has its own way of calming our mind and soul with its mesmerizing scenes and science behind its presence.

Though the places to travel for nature lovers may vary from person to person, there are few places where you could afford to go often and feel mystic about it as well. You need not wait and plan for such places; all you need is to pack your bag and head to the destination with basic research that's done here for you.

5 Best Destinations for Nature Lovers in India

Tungarli Lake, Lonavala, Pune Maharashtra

This hilltop lake is one of the most picturesque lakes with calming blue waters and unparalleled views of the Sahyadri range. To reach this lake you need to embark on a short trek to reach the water. Along the way you'll find food and snack vendors, so if you need a pitstop, this is a great place to do so. From the lake, you have full views of Rajmachi and Lonavala, and you can easily spot Lohagad Fort as well. If you are planning to stay here overnight, there are plenty of campsites where you can choose the tents to your liking. The lake's main water source is the 1930s British-era Tungarli Dam, also supplying water to residents of nearby hill stations.

Kava, Malampuzha, Palakkad Kerala

In the Keralan district of Palakkad, next to the renowned Malampuzha Dam, is a natural island called Kava. One of Palakkad's less visited areas, it is tucked away in the scenic Western Ghats. Kava Viewpoint is a tranquil retreat that comes to life in the monsoon season. Kava is a beautiful area with a tranquil lake that is bordered by hills covered in thick forests. For those who enjoy nature walks and hikes, the scenic location is a delight, made enchanted by the chirping birds, the crisp, clean air, and the lush foliage. Visitors can savour the view of the lusciously green mountains from Kava Viewpoint. As the first raincloud arises here, locals refer to Kava as "the womb of the rain clouds."

Pillar Rocks, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Situated in the Princess of Hill stations, Kodaikanal, Pillar Rocks have become a lovely picnic spot. The place is so named as it has three vertical boulders reaching up to a height of 400 feet. The view of the rocks from the mini garden is not something to be missed. They stand as an untouched miracle for the visitors of Kodaikanal. The pillars are famous for providing bird's-eye view of nearby surroundings. The chambers between these massive rocks are called the Devil's Kitchen. At times you might find the rocks covered with mist and clouds, but when as they clear up nothing more beautiful than this could be ever seen. Jutting straight away from the hills that surround them, the Pillar Rocks are majestic. You can come here, sit and relax as you soothe your eyes over the high hill ranges and clear skies. And don't forget to taste the potato and onion bhaji sold outside the mini garden.

Kumarakom, Kottayam, Kerala

Kumarakom is a popular tourism destination located near the city of Kottayam (10 km), in Kerala, India, and is famous for its backwater tourism. It is set in the backdrop of the Vembanad Lake, the largest lake in the state of Kerala. In January 2023, when Kerala was chosen by the New York Times as one of the 52 must-see tourist destinations in the world, Kumarakom got a special mention for its backwater tourism.

Valley of Flowers, Chamoli, Uttarakhand

Valley of Flowers National Park, established in 1982, is located in Chamoli, Uttarakhand and is known for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers and various flora. This richly diverse area is also home to rare and endangered animals like the Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, musk deer, brown bear, red fox, and blue sheep. Himalayan monal pheasant and other high altitude birds are also aplenty. At 3.3 to 3.6 km above sea level, the gentle landscape of Valley of Flowers complements the rugged mountain wilderness of Nanda Devi National Park to the east, together encompassing a unique transition zone between the mountain ranges of Zanskar and Great Himalaya. Valley of Flowers spans 88 and lies completely in the temperate alpine zone. Both parks form the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve (224,000 hectares), part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

First published on 3 Dec 2020. Vaishak loves to travel and write about traveling or getting to know new places, what makes his content more unique is that he resembles a few points about climate change in his website.


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